Dental implants – why you need them

Have you lost one or more teeth?

If you have lost one or more teeth due to accident or dental loss, you can replace your lost teeth either with dental implants or porcelain bridge / jetty. With implants you can get permanent teeth! Treatments with implants have been carried out for almost 45 years. Over the years, the method has naturally been improved, refined and, not least, rationalized. In Sweden, we can be proud of Professor Per-Ingvar Brånemark’s discovery. He found that bone tissue can heal the material titanium. Thanks to his discovery, millions of people have once again got permanent teeth. Read more about this discovery on Stockholm Tandläkargrupp. You need to translate the text.

What is an implant?

The implant treatment is usually a surgical treatment. During surgery, the implant is screwed down into the jawbone. During the infestation phase, the cells in the jawbones base themselves against the titanium surface of the implant. The time for inoculation is approximately 8-12 weeks, but the healing is not complete until after about 2 years. After implantation, the implant is an artificial root that the dentist can attach to the tooth. When the implant can be loaded, i.e. When new teeth are put into place, it depends on bone quality and how many implants have been operated. As a rule, it takes place within 3-6 months and in the meantime you get a temporary compensation.

How long does a dental implant last?

It depends on many factors. One of the most important is that the treatment is performed by someone with a lot of experience and who frequently works with implant surgery. The fact that 95-98% of the number of implant operations is successful has been described in many research articles. We perform Specialist Dentist in Jaw Surgery. Dr. Björn Johansson all operations. He has a very long experience in implant treatments and has operated 10,000-year implant throughout the years.

Some patients have a slightly higher risk of developing problems with their implants. The risk groups include people who smoke, have poor diabetes, have a previous periodontitis or who do not care for their oral hygiene.

Here is a great video on dental implants. Check it out!

Want new teeth? Here are your options!

There are many different types av artificial teeth. They all have some qualities that fit a person better than another. Here we try to explain your options when in need of a new smile:

Dental implants

If you have lost a tooth, implants are the best option because it is permanent and acts as a normal tooth. The aesthetic aspect is also very important, the teeth should look and feel as natural as possible. A great article on dental implants can be found on Göteborg Tandläkargrupp. Read more, but you need to use google translation.

Implant treatments consist of two parts, first the surgical part and then the prosthetic part. Dental technicians at the clinic manufacture the new teeth based on 3D photos taken after surgery. Taking a dental implant takes some time, but once they are in place it is like having their own natural teeth again.


If you have discolored teeth, gaps or ugly fillings, a scale can be the solution. The scale phase is built individually after your teeth and the results are usually very good.


If a tooth has been properly damaged or if a large part of its own dental crown is missing, a new crown is usually the best option. The existing tooth is sanded and then becomes a bracket for the new crown. If there is only a small piece left of the natural tooth, it can be extended with a pin for the crown to attach.

Patients and dentists together determine the appropriate color of the tooth, then a print is sent to the dental technicians. The dental technicians then take a crown that looks like your other teeth.


If you miss one or more teeth, a dental bridge can be the solution. A dental bridge can cover everything from two teeth to a whole jaw. If the nearby teeth are healthy, they are used as support and attachment to the bridge. Toothbrushes can also be anchored in dental implants. Dental technicians produces the bridge and makes it look like your natural teeth.

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