11 fresher teeth lifehacks

1. Do not brush upside down.

Scrubbing your teeth up and down wears the gums to pull it back. Instead, brush in circular movements so that the brush enters the gums and not only scratches the surface. This may cause your gums to bleed, writes Daily Mail.

2. Brush long.

Most brushes for about 30 seconds. You should brush at least for two minutes and preferably for five minutes, writes Daily Mail.

3. Chew gum for a maximum of ten minutes.

Or chew until the taste disappears. Since the teeth are designed to break down things and the chewing gum is soft, the teeth will be worn against each other instead.

You may also get into your stomach because it expects food, writes Daily Mail.

4. Use strawberries to make your teeth whiter.

Take eight strawberries, the more ripe and softer the better, and half a teaspoon of bicarbonate. Mix to a paste and lubricate it over the teeth.

Bicarbonate can wipe away stains that may have been caused by coffee and cleanse other debris on the surface of the teeth and make them look whiter. The strawberries contain a mild acid that can remove superficial stains and make your teeth shine, writes Daily Mail.

5. Hard foods keep your teeth white and healthy.

The cheese neutralizes plaic acid because dairy products make the mouth more basic and create a protective film around the teeth, writes Daily Mail.

6. Avoid colorful foods.

Everything that can dye a white shirt can create stains on your teeth, writes Daily Mail.

7. Brush your teeth straight in the morning.

There are many who brush their teeth after breakfast. But if you drink juice, it may weaken the enamel. And because there is sugar in all foods, you actually rub the sugar into your teeth by brushing after you have eaten.

So brush before drinking or eating anything. If you forgot to brush and eat anyway – wait an hour to let the saliva neutralize acids before brushing, writes Daily Mail.

8. Brushing your teeth in the evening is the most important thing you can do.

It should be the last thing you do before you go to bed. During the night, not much saliva is produced, which makes it free for bacteria that can create holes, writes Daily Mail.

9. The key to good breath is a pure tongue.

The tongue thrives bacteria and it may cause you to smell bad. Use a scraper and start scratching far behind the tongue, writes Daily Mail.

10. Use electric toothbrush.

One can compare it by washing clothes in a washing machine and washing clothes by hand. So much cleaner gets your teeth off a toothbrush compared to brushing by hand, writes Daily Mail.

11. Using floss can extend your life.

According to research published by Daily Mail, dental floss can make you live for several years because the floss stops the bacteria’s growth.