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At Adkins Center for Dental Medicine, Dr. Adkins, a Scottsdale dentist, strives to achieve the best treatment outcomes for her patients, delivered through a multi-disciplinary approach to continuing education, ever-evolving expertise, and professional passion, in a comfortable and friendly environment. Welcome to our North Scottsdale dental practice where you will experience our uncompromising responsibility for your care.  

Your Mouth Speaks. We Listen.

By focusing on the patient’s oral health as well as the health of other body systems we are able to achieve superior results when performing cosmetic services, dental implants and other major restorative procedures. A healthy foundation in your mouth is essential and critical to the functionality of your bite and longevity of your new restorations.

Our comprehensive care programs include screening & treatment for all dental related conditions, including all restorative, cosmetic, implant treatments, periodontal conditions, sleep disorders, bite and jaw problems. We comprehensively evaluate the full function of the craniomandibular system including daytime and night time breathing, dental clenching and grinding, bite alignment problems, TMJ function, and craniofacial development.

At Adkins Center for Dental Medicine you will feel more confident about your health, your dental care and the treatment you receive while in our practice.



Dr. Adkins in the News

Your dental health is always our primary concern at North Scottsdale’s Adkins Center for Dental Medicine. The following interview with Dr. Adkins discusses the importance of taking good care of your gums. Watch the following video to learn more. 


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